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Serving areas from Los Angeles to San Diego and everywhere in between, Glenn has been delighting audiences at the piano professionally for over 30 years. Glenn Kramer's piano arrangements, transcriptions, and original compositions have received wide acclaim. Glenn has performed at over 900 events including corporate functions, dinner banquets, improvisation shows, birthday parties, holiday events, assisted living/retirement communities, weddings, anniversary parties, and "Celebration of Life" events. 


Glenn is the founder of AmateurPianists, a non-profit performing arts organization and the world’s largest piano-themed Meetup group. Its mission is to create performance and learning opportunities through recitals, presentations, and masterclasses. They have a world-class amateur piano competition in San Diego every three years, the next one is in July 2019.

Download his Request Book to see over 4,500 song titles he can perform, from contemporary to jazz, showtunes to pop music. His professional keyboard can be taken to any venue which does not have access to a piano.